Fabulous Feet Dance Studio Pricing
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CLASS TUITION: Tuition is based on the number of HOURS of classes taken.

1$55.00 6 ¾ $214.00
1 ¼$65.00 7$220.00
1 ½$74.00 7 ¼ $226.00
1 ¾$85.00 7 ½ $231.00
2$94.00 7 ¾ $236.00
2 ¼$101.00 8$242.00
2 ½$109.00 8 ¼ $248.00
2 ¾$117.00 8 ½ $253.00
3$125.00 8 ¾ $260.00
3 ¼$129.00 9$266.00
3 ½$133.00 9 ¼ $271.00
3 ¾$137.00 9 ½ $277.00
4$141.00 9 ¾ $283.00
4 ¼ $146.00 10$288.00
4 ½ $153.00 10 ¼ $294.00
4 ¾ $160.00 10 ½ $299.00
5$168.00 10 ¾ $304.00
5 ¼ $175.00 11$309.00
5 ½ $182.00 11 ¼ $315.00
5 ¾ $189.00 11 ½ $320.00
6$195.00 11 ¾ $325.00
6 ¼ $201.00 12$330.00
6 ½ $207.00  
Fabulous Feet Dance Center, Jensen Beach, Florida

**The monthly payment prices listed requires payment to be received ON or BEFORE the 7th of each month, in order to avoid a $25.00 late fee**



Solos - $28.00 per ½ hour, Duets- $32.00 per ½ hour, Trios - $36.00 per ½ hour

Ballet Solo – must take 2 – 3 ballet classes each week. This will be determined by the private lesson instructor.

Jazz Solo – must take 1 ballet and 1 jazz class per week. Any student participating in a private lesson (of any kind), must be taking required classes for that discipline. (See Specialty Class Requirements).

Please note: All private lesson fees must be paid with tuition.



No choreography fee for solos, duets or trios for recital routines


REGISTRATION FEE for Fall / Winter Classes

A $35.00 for each new student or $30.00 for each returning student is charged annually as a registration fee.  This fee is non-refundable.


REGISTRATION FEE for Summer Classes

A $10.00 per child is charged as a registration fee.  This fee is non-refundable.



  • Please no postdated checks. If a check is not ready to be deposited, then it will be considered late and the $25.00 late charge will be assessed.
  • A $25 service charge will be assessed for all return checks.
  • A 5% discount will be issued to all siblings after the oldest child.
  • New students only are offered (1) one free trial class in each subject to determine which class (s) your child is interested in taking.

PLEASE NOTE: Registration for any/each class should be listed very specifically. Example: Tues., Jr. Level 2 Ballet.



Classes with less than 6 students MAY be omitted, deleted or combined with another class. A refund will be issued if a change does not accommodate your schedule. Missed classes may be made up at another class of equal level. Severe illness or injury can place tuition on a hold status, however you need to make us aware of this.



Our attire is basic, simple and classical, this keeps all students/all levels looking the same. It helps limit most parents to purchase only one leotard annually. In addition, it is much easier for teachers to notice corrections that need to be made when any student is doing something different from the rest of the class.


Leotards & Tights:

Plain Black Leotard (no skirts, rhinestones or designs) any Style for all students in any/all classes
Pink Tights with/without seams for all students in any/all classes



We recommend Bloch Shoes in the following style numbers. Primarily because we wear Bloch tights which match Bloch Shoes exactly and this brand wears extremely well. If for any reason that your child does not fit into any of these shoes, then you will need to get him/her whatever fits properly. The color & style may be different but, no one belongs in a shoe that does not fit properly. If he/she is wearing something that currently fits, please do not feel compelled to replace them now. Wait until the child out grows them or replace them for the recital.

Bloch Pink Leather Ballet shoes - S0205G – Child Size 6 to 1.5 or Foot Undies or Dance Pawz
Bloch Pink Leather Ballet Shoe - S0208L – Adult Size 2 to 8.5 or Foot Undies or Dance Pawz
Bloch Tan Jazz Boot shoes- S0499G – Child Size 10 to 1.5 or Foot Undies or Dance Pawz
Bloch Tan Jazz Boot shoes - S0499L – Adult Size 4 to 11.5 or Foot Undies or Dance Pawz
Bloch Tan Tap shoes - S0352 - Extra Small Child Size 7 to 1.5
Bloch Tan Tap shoes - S0302G - Child Size 9 to 1.5 Must have Flexible Soles
Bloch Tan Tap shoes - S0388L – Adult Size 4 to 12 Must have Flexible Soles
Classic Black (with white sole) Converse High Top Sneakers


All Boys Shoes - Black  


All Leotards, Tights & Shoes may be purchased, but not limited to at any/all of the following venues.

  • Jane’s Dance Boutique - 2309 NW Federal Hwy., Stuart, FL 34994 - 772-232-4949
  • Tulle @ 561-493-8144, 3962 Northlake Blvd., Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33403,
  • Discount Dance Supply @ 1-800-328-7107 website: www.DiscountDance.com
  • All About Dance @ 1-800-775-0578 website: www.allaboutdance.com
  • Dance Distributors @ 1-800-333-2623 website: www.dancedistributors.com

Dance Bags & Contents:

Please make sure that your child has a dance bag, preferably with their name on the outside. Make sure that all shoes are labeled with their names and that you check them periodically to see if the label has faded. If so, please re-label them accordingly.


NO jewelry should be worn during classes. (especially no hoop-type earrings or dangling necklaces or bracelets). No street shoes are allowed on the actual dance floor. Students out of uniform will be asked to leave the class.



  • If a student is more than 10 minutes late for any Pre-Ballet & Tap, Combo or Acro classes they will not be allowed in.
  • If a Junior and Senior Level student is more than 5 minutes late, they will not be allowed in.

Water ONLY within bottles with a SIPPER or TWIST top are allowed.



Dress Rehearsal is absolutely MANDATORY for all students.  Only the following EXCEPTIONS will be considered if your child must miss dress rehearsal:  SEVERE illness with a doctor’s note, a death in the family, or a religious function (STUDENT actually IN a wedding, THEIR Confirmation, THEIR Communion).  No other exceptions will be made.



All students are required to be in attendance for any/all classes and/or rehearsals. During these few days prior to performance, additional rehearsals may become necessary for the benefit of the students.  You MUST be available for any and all extra rehearsals called.  THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS, OTHER THAN A DOCTOR'S NOTE FOR A SEVERE ILLNESS, DEATH IN THE FAMILY OR EMERGENCY. We do realize that there will be a number of High School Seniors Graduating.  Obviously you will be excused for your own graduation; however, again, please keep all other days available for rehearsals.  




At least 2 Ballet classes per week for Juniors, 3 Ballet classes for Seniors,  Attire as stated prior, or unless specified by teacher.


At least 1 Ballet class per week is highly recommended but not required. Bare Feet, Black Leotard, Pink convertible tights. If you have any physical limitations you cannot take acro.

  • It is against studio policy for a student to take acro if taking gymnastics at another facility. This is a safety precaution for your child as well as insurance reasons, as students may become confused by the different philosophies which could result in injury.


at least 1 Ballet class per week AND Modern each week. Attire as stated prior, or unless specified by teacher.


At least 1 jazz class per week is required & at least 1 Ballet class per week is highly recommended but not required. Attire as stated prior, or unless specified by teacher.


At least 1 Jazz per week is highly recommended but not required. Attire as stated prior, or unless specified by teacher.

Jazz & Tap

If you are a level 3 Junior or Senior you MUST take 2 classes weekly at your own level in order to maintain this level.



Ages are used as guidelines.  Ability, experience, effort and dedication are the main criteria for placement. The completion of a dance year/session does not always general a level change.  The curriculum is structured so that advancement takes place as skills are mastered, by each student as an individual. 


It is fun for students to dance with their friends, however, friends generally have different strengths and weaknesses. No student will benefit from a class that is too easy or too difficult when it is just to take it with a friend. Therefore, we ask that you trust the judgment of the staff and support our decisions of class placement.

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We proudly serve the dancers in Martin and St. Lucie Counties including Hobe Sound, Jensen Beach, Fort Pierce, Palm City,  Port Salerno, Port St. Lucie, Sewall's Point, Stuart, Rio, St. Lucie West, and White City.  We accept students from all area elementary schools including Bessey Creek, Citrus Grove, Lake, Felix A. Williams, Hobe Sound Elementary, J.D. Parker, Jensen Beach Elementary, Palm City Elementary, Pinewood Elementary, Port Salerno Elementary, SeaWind, and Warfield.  High Schools include Jensen Beach, South Fork & Martin County High Schools.


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